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The confidentiality of the reporter is absolutely protected, and you can also report it through the following methods beside the website.

1. E-mail :

2. Telephone : +82-2-6230-6000 ARS Information: Select Ethics Management Office

3. Postal Report : Ethics Management Office on the 17th floor of WeWork Building 507 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

4. Report on Visit : Report on visit: Report directly to the Ethics Management Office Staff

Consent to collect personal information for unethical reporting

1. We collect minimal personal information. We seek consent to use personal information collection for the purpose of checking the report details and providing the service for reply to the report results.

2. Personal information items that we collect
- Name, phone number, E-mail, password

3. The retention and use period of personal information is 3 years from the date of reporting.

4. If you refuse to agree to collect personal information, you cannot use unethical reporting.

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • E-mail

  • Category

  • Title

  • Content

  • Select Attachment File

  • Password

    Enter at least 8 digits and combine English, numeric, and special characters.

  • Confirm Password

To check the processing results, we need the receipt number issued after completing the contents and the password you entered when reporting, so please record it.

Your report is complete.

Reception number :

To check the result, you need the registration number and the password when entering the report.
If you lose your registration number, it's hard to check the results, so please record it.